7Days GoVegan En

The certified 7DAYS GoVegan series is based on the color diet of the seven days of the week, whereby adding a different color to our diet every day, we ensure the necessary variety of nutrients for the body.

So for our skin, the 7DAYS GoVegan series with certified masks, covers the needs of our face daily with all the necessary ingredients for hydration, nutrition and rejuvenation.

7DAYS GoVegan certified leaf masks are non-animal tested and contain no animal-derived ingredients, thus supporting the movement against animal experiments.


White Day Mask
Nutrition, Rejuvenation, Energy

Breakfast with avocado, oat oil and coconut! Oat oil is one of the ingredients, it contains many vitamins and trace elements, which have many antioxidants, thus offering nutrition and repairing the damage of skin cells. Almond oil, coconut extract and avocado oil deeply moisturize and restore elasticity to the skin, while balancing its tone (with Hyaluronic Acid!).


Yellow Day Mask
Extra hydration, Anti-Stress, Nutrition

Smoothie with banana and pear! Pear extract, which is one of the ingredients, intensively moisturizes the skin while preventing peeling. Almond oil and banana extract nourish and soften the skin, thus offering extra care and radiance (with Hyaluronic Acid!).


Green Day Mask
Toning, Explosion of Vitamins, Balancing skin tone

The extracts of broccoli, rosemary and cucumber ‘wake up’ the skin with the vitamins and trace elements they have. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin and protects it from environmental pollutants. The mask improves the appearance of the skin and prepares it for the application of makeup (with Hyaluronic Acid!).


Violet Day Mask
Toning, Explosion of Vitamins, Balancing skin tone

Mix of berries, figs and plums! Blueberry and fig extracts with their powerful antioxidant properties, rejuvenate, restore and soften the skin. Hyaluronic acid, which is one of the ingredients, nourishes and moisturizes the skin while making it elastic (with Hyaluronic Acid!).


Pink Day Mask
Shine, Toning, Freshness

Pomegranate and mangosteen extracts restore and restore the skin while fighting possible visible imperfections. Papaya juice and lychee extract, which come from the juiciest fruits, moisturize, rejuvenate the skin giving it a relaxed look. This mask is ideal for before applying makeup and for those who want to look ‘fresh’ and refreshed even after 5 days at work (with Hyaluronic Acid!).


Red Day Mask
Tone Balancing, Hydration, Liveliness

Tomato, beetroot and seaweed laminaria cocktail. Tomato and beetroot extracts moisturize and hide any “crimes” of the previous night as well as possible imperfections. The extracts of laminaria and ginger give an “injection” of trace elements, minerals and vitamins, activating a bomb of passion and love for the skin, with the first application (with Hyaluronic Acid!).


Blue Day Mask
Anti-stress, Antioxidant action, Cleansing

Matcha extract, which is one of the ingredients, has antioxidant and cleansing properties. Blueberry, agave and lotus help restore and restore skin elasticity (with Hyaluronic Acid!).